the first time and thanks to an NFC tag collectors can buy an NFT securely linked through the blockchain technology to a physical artwork from artist Benjamin Spark. We present Arteïa Connect, the new authentication solution.

Benjamin Spark, Franco-Belgian artist, and his gallery Vision XR Gallery are selling 32 physical works.

2 original works, acrylic painting on canvas
3 prints in editions of 10, signed and numbered by the artist.

Each work will be sold via a unique NFT representing the certificate of ownership of the physical work.

Benjamin Spark chose Arteïa for its solution authenticating physical artworks, allowing to create a secure link between the NFT and the physical artwork.


Meet Benjamin Spark

Benjamin Spark's visual language freely samples from art history and popular culture, redeploying canonized styles and genres alongside graphics borrowed from youth subcultures and the commercial mainstream.

Visual Artist


The future
of authentication

Authentication and provenance are the key aspects tied to artworks and collectibles. In the past, these important components were almost impossible to truly verify. With blockchain and NFC chip technology, this problem is solved.