About the project
Arteia is teaming with Franco-Belgian pop artist Benjamin Spark for the release of the newest and most sophisticated method of artwork authentication and data verification with the use of blockchain and NFC chip technology. With a scan of your mobile device, you can now feel secure in the authenticity of your artwork.
Data written to the blockchain is verified, encrypted, and stored in a distributed manner, rendering any attempt to alter records impossible while providing a single yet transparent source of veracity about an artwork's provenance.
Revolutionary authentication trio of the blockchain register, the artwork secured by the tamper-proof NFC tag, and the NFT as certificate of ownership offers the ultimate verification of artworks' genuinity
The artwork can be sold as a NFT (non-fungible token) on a blockchain-anchored register, creating a unique certificate of ownership. A complete set of metadata, securely programmed and encrypted into the NFT, links the certificate of ownership to the digital catalog of the artworks sold by the artist or the gallery.
Artwork authentication
with NFC
An NFC tag is securely attached to the artwork by the artist or their gallery. This special NFC tag is physically and logically secured by Arteïa's authentication solution, Arteïa Connect. A similar NFC tag is securely attached to the physical, paper based, certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist. Anyone can download Arteïa Authentication App, scan the tag, and verify the authenticity of the artwork and of the certificate.