Print on paper Epson Fine Art cotton natural 300g/m2

50 x 33 cm


Edition 1/10

Signed and numbered by the artist

Inventory number:13


Hatshepsut is one of the first women to rule Egypt. She is the first great woman whose name has been preserved in history. She is one of the most extraordinary reigns in Egyptian history. Hatshepsut takes the title of pharaoh and the statues she has built represent her as a man, dressed in the full attire of the pharaohs including the traditional beard. These elements symbolize power. Her very avant-garde reign lasted more than 20 years. She promoted trade with other countries and thus enriched her country. She demonstrated that it is not necessary to be a man to be a competent ruler. 3,000 years ago, Egypt was the first egalitarian society of antiquity, women could have land and a salary equal to that of men.